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Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Posts go directly to the archives on this site, which are accessed by the menus to the right of the screen.  You can access content chronologically, by selecting the month, or by topic.  The latest post(s) are found in the most recent month.  All posts remain available and are fundamentally ‘timeless’, in that the content is basic philosophy as opposed to news.

The objective of this site is to share knowledge and the practical application of knowledge…..WISDOM.   My intention is to provide  readers with a resource that will offer a total solution for achievement and maintenance of wellness in every respect – physical, mental and spiritual.  The format is interactive, meaning that content will be posted according to both my priority and that of my reader’s, by virtue of questions, comments and suggestions. So please participate and use the contact form features available in this site.  I will try to give you a quick and helpful response or encompass your suggestions and questions in a future post.

Wellness is the normal state of being that should be enjoyed at all times.  You might then wonder why illness and suffering is so common-place today.  My answer is……lack of education on this most important of all subjects…..stunningly absent in the curriculums of public education. Healthcare spending has become a huge portion of our economies yet the state of health is frighteningly poor.  This should not be so because wellness costs very little to maintain.  The economies have come to depend on healthcare spending as an increasing large percentage of so-called GDP, which is just a measure of spending.  Man, like all other living things, is a product of Nature, yet man has sought to live farther and farther away from Nature in modern times.  The Shaman integrates with Nature to help bring the health and wellness that only Nature can provide by simply allowing it to do what it does naturally.

Most of the content in my posts will seem contrary to common Western pop culture.  Whatever you have come to believe from your government, church, media, movies and common culture is probably not true.  Western society is a fabricated bubble of artificial faux reality with manufactured constructs and history that support the popular culture.  If you step out of the forest and look at the trees, as they say, you will see that it is an environment designed to control the masses of society through fear.  Westerners are not healthy by any measure, as proven by the statistics published by government and related institutions.  The cost of healthcare runs around 20% of GDP and climbing rapidly.  The cost of health insurance, which is only necessary due to the nature of the system itself, is escalating alarmingly.  To attain health and well-being is to achieve freedom by learning the truths of your reality. You will not be able to see your future unless you understand what has happened in the past and what is happening now.  For many, this may require a total reset to erase the clutter of mis-information and make  space available for the truth.

All of the posts on this site remain available, as they all integrate together forming a compendium of essential truth.  All posts are found in the archives on this site and can be accessed on the right side of the screen either by date (month of publication) or by subject category with the click of your mouse.

The Matapalo Holistic Clinic is located in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.  It’s message is distributed for the benefit of all. If you find the mission and content of this site to be valuable and you wish to make a donation, to be used exclusively to make additions and improvements to the site, you can click the button.

Dr. Patrick Riley

Dr. Patrick Riley

Clinica Holistica

5 thoughts on “Shaman I Am

  1. LOVE the picture! LOVE YOU!

    It’s a challenge to remain close to nature, especially in diet here in the US. I’ll look for any interesting tips.

  2. Ignorance is the enemy! Buddha says the reason for suffering is Ignorance. Many cultures have a distrust of education but believe completely in the bible. Christianity has done and is doing an enormous amount of damage on this planet! The jewish and muslim faiths haven’t helped! The works of Christopher Hitchens should be experienced by EVERYONE!

    • Dear Jon,
      All organized religions, like all organized governments, are in it for their own purposes. That is why I spend a lot of time and energy trying to bring information to all individuals who are ready to overcome ignorance and empower themselves. One does not find reality and enlightenment anywhere else outside of oneself. All one must due is look within. One does not require and intermediary. As far as Christopher Hitchens goes, he also has an agenda and the realities of this life seem to escape him also. Denial of a creator and purpose in this existence makes no sense to me, when it is so obvious when you step out of the forest and look at the trees.

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